Circular buckets and tubs

Berdal is taking another important step towards sustainability. As the market leader in our industry, we have developed a circular production process for Gripline buckets and tubs. This initiative results in the use of less plastic, the use of recycled material from consumer waste, and a unique return programme for used products, with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint. This is in line with our philosophy that every product at the end of its life is a raw material for a new product, without compromising on quality. It is also in line with our target group's growing demand for responsible and sustainable production.

(Re)Cycle Buckets & Tubs

Central to our circular process is the use of recycled plastic as a raw material for Gripline buckets and tubs. We obtain this recycled plastic from consumer waste and convert it into raw materials for high-quality products. Our initiative ensures that these products, at the end of their useful life, return to the DIY store. We then recycle them into new buckets and tubs, completing the circular cycle.

In 2023, in cooperation with Plastic Pact and Polymer Science Park, we developed the initiative to return used construction buckets, tubs and bins at DIY stores. This year, we will start a pilot in the Netherlands to test the feasibility of a fully circular system, in which used plastic products find their way back to us as the manufacturer via recycling. Our aim is to further expand this concept to other European countries at a later stage.

Want to know more about this innovative process? Watch the video here. By joining forces and sharing knowledge, we are building a future-proof business. Will you become our partner? Then get in touch with us.


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(Re)Cycle Buckets & Tubs


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