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Pandser, our sustainable brand in EPDM products (synthetic roof rubber) for the professional construction industry, has been upgraded. In addition to releasing new products, the most sustainable brand in EPDM solutions for roofs, facades and gutters has also optimised its existing products. Pandser is the brand with UV resistant EPDM strips for airtight construction. Moreover, the packaging has been made more sustainable and we also launched a new website.

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Pandser is the most sustainable EPDM brand across the industry. It is the only brand being awarded the C2C certification. C2C stands for Cradle-to-Cradle which means the basic material of a product is beneficially utilised at the end of its product life as the raw material for a different product. And this without compromising on quality and value. That is the ultimate form of sustainability! This is also reflected in the new packaging. The rolls of Pandser are now packed using a banding machine. This process requires considerably less packaging material. Moreover, the band is made of recycled material. The new packaging also provides extra space for relevant product information. Icons are printed onto the packing material explaining whether the product is intended for roof, gutter or facade and the best possible way of applying the material. This means the packaging is not only sustainable, but also informative.


New in Pandser's product range are the aluminium and EPDM roof edges. The roof edges are available in several sizes and shapes and extremely suitable for both bitumen and EPDM roof cladding. The EPDM roof edge has an improved, special seal preventing humidity from penetrating the material. It ensures a clean and waterproof edge finishing. This extends the product life of the roof cladding and offers additional protection in vulnerable areas. These new roof edges are distinct because no kit or EPDM strip is required to attach the edges. This shortens the labour time for the processor. Other than that, the roof edges are suitable for reuse, are easy to install and are available with corner pieces and mounting kits.

Also new is the Pandser spunbond foil (Multitop XS +) for sloping roofs. The blue foil is intended for the cold exterior. The foil does not have to be taped thanks to the integrated adhesive layer. Moreover, this layer also allows the foil to be made airtight in an even simpler manner. 


In addition to the new products, some existing products have also been updated. For example, the mechanical properties of the self-adhesive acrylic and butyl strips are improved. By adding mesh reinforcement to the strips, the adhesion is optimised. Another advantage is that Pandser supplies EPDM strips of 0.5 millimetre. This offers advantages in terms of pricing, but also ensures that the strips are easier to process. Thinner EPDM is more flexible and therefore easier to apply. Also, EPDM roof cladding does not have to be burned. This is safer and lasts much longer than the old-fashioned bitumen roof cladding. 


Discover even more information and advantages of Pandser on the new website. This website also includes tips and tutorials for the construction professional about the application of Pandser products. The page on points of sale provides a quick overview of the nearby locations offering Pandser products.

Are you looking for more information? Check out the vlog below by our Sales promotor, Patrick van der Meulen. He provides more information on the strength and advantages of Pandser and addresses the revitalisation of the brand.

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