Gripline introduces the circular Flextub

Berdal proudly presents the latest addition to the Gripline range: the circular Flextub. With the launch of the Gripline Flextub from the F-Durable series, our retail partners can better meet the growing customer demand for circular products. The introduction fits within Berdal's sustainability strategy and our responsibility to further greening our entire production.

240308 L2400979 Beeld Nieuwsbericht Gripline 01

Durable with the same quality

The new circular Flextub has the same high quality as the existing Flextubs, and is made entirely from recycled beverage and yogurt packaging. Post-consumer recycled material offers both professionals and home handymen the opportunity to choose a sustainable alternative without sacrificing quality.

Expansion of circular range

With the introduction of the circular Gripline Flextub, Berdal is expanding its sustainable range further. This new tub offers a practical and sustainable solution for various applications, and contributes to further sustainability of the construction chain. The new circular Flextub is available in two variants: 25 liters and 42 liters. Want to know more about the Gripline-F Durable series? View the passports here.

If you have any questions, please contact our sales team. They are happy to assist you!


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240308 L2400979 Beeld Nieuwsbericht Gripline 01


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