New and more sustainable packaging for a better store presentation

Our FENTO products now have a new packaging. To increase the durability of our products, we have replaced the plastic packaging of the knee pads and accessories with cardboard. Thanks to this development, the amount of plastic has been greatly reduced and at the same time recyclability has increased. We would like to inform you about what changes we have made to our range.

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Renewed packaging

By creating uniformity in the packaging, all FENTO products have the same appearance. This improves your store presentation. With the new packaging of the FENTO ORIGINAL, FENTO MAX and FENTO HOME you can present the products more optimal and beautiful on the shelf.

All accessories are packed in cardboard boxes of the same width for a uniform and visually appealing store presentation. You can hang or place the accessories depending on your display purposes. We pack all FENTO accessories in pairs. The ORIGINAL elastic belts that we used to pack in sets of 5 pairs, we now also pack per pair. The MOQs remain the same. We therefore no longer use the EAN and SKU codes for sets of 5 pairs. This conversion list contains the new product data.

The new packaging also offers more space for communication about the features and possibilities of the product. This allows us to inform our customers better and faster. We wrote an extensive manual for all products. These manuals provide better information in multiple languages. So that customers can make a well-considered decision.

Discover the benefits

  • The new packaging is made of cardboard, making it more recyclable.
  • The packaging has a uniform appearance for a better store presentation.
  • Our packaging is provided with extensive information in multiple languages.

At Berdal we support our customers with optimizing the range and setting up a beautiful shelf plan with counter displays for introduction actions.

If you have any questions or comments about the new packaging, please contact our Sales Department via

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