Declarations of performance (DOP)

The declaration of performance (DOP) is a European guideline for construction products. According to these regulations, a DOP document must be provided to the user during any purchase of a construction product subject to the European standard (meaning that it has a CE marking). This applies to both professional and private clients. Below, you will find an overview of the most commonly used products for which a public DOP has been made available.

DOP 001 Premiumfol Betaflex Lead replacement
DOP 009 Pandser Lead replacement
DOP BRD010 Pandser EPDM stripes 0,50 - 0,75 - 1,00 mm
DOP BRD031 Premiumfol EPDM Stroken 0.50 mm - EN
DOP BRD032 Premiumfol EPDM Stroken 0.75 mm - EN
DOP BRD033 Premiumfol EPDM Stroken 1.00 mm - EN
DOP BRD034 Premiumfol EPDM Dakbedekking 1.2 mm - EN
DOP BRD035 Pandser EPDM stroken 0.50 mm - EN
DOP BRD036 Pandser EPDM stroken 0.75 mm - EN
DOP BRD037 Pandser EPDM stroken 1.00 mm - EN
DOP BRD038 Pandser EPDM Dakbedekking 1.2 mm - EN
DOP BRD039 Premiumfol EPDM ZK-Acryl - EN
DOP BRD040 Premiumfol EPDM ZK-Butyl - EN
DOP BRD041 Pandser EPDM ZK-Acryl - EN
DOP BRD042 Pandser EPDM ZK-Butyl - EN


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