Let's build together

As a part of Berdal Group, Berdal has been a leading producer, supplier, and private-label specialist in synthetic and rubber products for the construction, professional ironworking, and DIY sectors for 50 years. Berdal also creates a unique range of products with the use of technical membranes and sound-damping construction membranes.  Quality is of the utmost importance to us and our products are always created according to certified processes.

Why Berdal?

  • In-house production in the Netherlands and PolandIn-house production in the Netherlands and Poland

  • Certified, homogeneous, regranulate raw materialsCertified, homogeneous, regranulate raw materials

  • Guaranteed cadmium-free productionGuaranteed cadmium-free production

  • Private-labelling marketing optionsPrivate-labelling marketing options

  • Reliable, innovative, and service-focused production companyReliable, innovative, and service-focused production company

Faster and farther - together

Collaboration throughout the construction chain is the key to success. We achieve this by, among other things, supporting retailers in various areas.
  • Sharing knowledge

    Your market knowledge and experience linked to our products, services, and solutions. We work together to achieve the best!

  • Support with data management

    Berdal provides its clients with all relevant and current product information via the website. We also provide support with various PIM systems and webshop applications as well as offer options for EDI connections.

  • Support with determining product range

    Berdal supports its business relationships using its national and international market knowledge. For instance, we do this by making recommendations for the proper product range for the shop and by arranging the best possible shelf layouts.

  • Joint development of sales campaigns

    When you succeed, we succeed. We are eager to advise you on sales campaigns using the wide range of Berdal experience and tools at our disposal.

More on sales promotion

Sustainable together

Berdal is aware of its responsibilities with regard to the environment and sustainable production. For instance, we work with green energy and the basic materials that we use for the production of buckets, tubs, and trays are made from rubbish collected from households: 100% recycled!

Berdal and sustainable enterprise

Collaboration for quality

We proactively seek out collaboration throughout the entire construction chain. That means that - along with our partners and clients - we make sure that Berdal quality standards are followed. By paying attention to market signals throughout the construction sector - in conjunction with continued investment into innovative sourcing and production processes - we want to become and remain a leader in our market segment. In this process, transparency is the magic word and that is why we make our quality standards available.

Our quality standards

Declaration of conformity

Jun 17, 2019, 10:16 AM
Our personal statement that products comply with CE guidelines.
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Working at Berdal

Berdal is always interested in well educated, experienced, and qualified applicants from all fields who are ready to take on a new challenge. Are you a student in search of your final assignment? Or are you a self-starter full of ideas? Perhaps you are a professional ready for a career change? We look forward to meeting you!

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