Gripline buckets in 2017 annual report for Zevij-Necomij

2 August 2018

In the 2017 annual report for Zevij-Necomij, the purchasing organisation for technical wholesale and specialised dealer of hardware, Berdal plays an interesting role, particularly with our Gripline buckets. The title of the annual report is Bucket-lists & Big Data. Zevij-Necomij suppliers reveal their “bucket lists” and whenever buckets are being discussed, it's only natural that Berdal is a topic of conversation.

Throughout the annual report, the life cycle of a Gripline bucket is described. This involves everything from the materials used during production to the distribution of the product itself (in which Zevij-Necomij plays an important part) and then follows the bucket from the shop floor to the construction site. Every step is accompanied by interesting data in order to establish a connection with the title of the annual report.The document (of course we cannot show this internal Zevij-Necomij document) is a great example of how an annual report can be more than just simple facts and figures about business results.

In addition to the Gripline bucket lifecycle, which serves as a common thread throughout the report, Zevij-Necomij also give suppliers plenty of opportunities to look back over 2017 as well as look forwards towards the future. It’s wonderful that Gripline was able to playing a part in the annual report for this market leader in purchasing in such an interesting way.

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