Berdal in the race for Supplier of the Year

21 May 2019

Good news from Zevij-Necomij. Under the motto 'Making connections in the chain', Berdal has been nominated for the title 'Supplier of the Year' by the purchasing organisation for technical wholesalers and specialist hardware dealers. Together with Makita Nederland B.V. and fischer Benelux B.V., we have the chance to win this prestigious award. The winner will be unveiled on Thursday 20 June at NXT 2019.

Service provider

Being chosen for this title is a reward for the work done to make Berdal a service provider rather than a production and product-oriented organisation. As a service provider, we add value to all links in the chain. Our goal is to guarantee a more efficient and more successful business for all our partners.


We have taken many steps to achieve this. Together with the purchase of Zevij-Necomij, we have been able to further optimise stock formation and logistics services to the wholesale trade. The international contract with Euro Craft and IJG membership are also proactive steps for strengthening collaboration within the chain.


We constantly support the wholesale trade in rapidly changing (international) circumstances. By means of data optimisation, we are able to help to improve ERP systems and optimise e-commerce activities. Moreover, Berdal is able to offer price lists in five different languages, which is unique. What's more, our sales promoters provide toolboxes, demos and training for employees and contacts of the wholesale trade. And together with Zevij-Necomij, we are working on vivid marketing calendars for sales campaigns in all seasons.

Presentation of award

With the theme 'Making connections in the chain', we expect NXT 2019 to be an appropriate conference for our contacts and we might even be awarded the title 'Supplier of the Year'. Engaging speakers such as journalist and economist Mathijs Bouman and football referee Björn Kuipers will reveal their perspective on 'Making connections in the chain'.



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