Berdal invests heavily in sustainability

10 July 2020

In the latest edition of the technical wholesale trade magazine "De Kracht van" extensive attention is paid to Berdal. In the article CEO Bas van Kamperdijk and commercial director Eugène van den Broek talk more about the importance of sustainability and circular entrepreneurship. Berdal is at the forefront of this in Europe.

The complete production process

Qualitative high quality has always been a core value of Berdal. This is partly due to the strong market position. In addition, the focus is now being placed on sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship. “Behind all the investments we make is a sustainability idea,” says Van den Broek.

Plastic Pact

For example, Berdal is already a member of the European Plastic Pact in order to significantly reduce plastic consumption. “According to the pact, by 2025 all packaging plastic and single-use plastic must be designed in such a way that this plastic is reusable or recyclable,” explains Van Kamperdijk. “The sorting and recycling facilities for all plastics must be increased by 25% in 2025. The pact also aims for a 20% reduction in newly made plastics that same year.”

The article

Raw material consumption and CO2 emissions are also being examined in other areas. Because: "As economical as Berdal is on its brand, how economical it is on our earth." How does Berdal do that? Read all about it in this article.

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