Robots on the night shift

25 November 2020

Increasingly more of the major chains in Europe are discovering the value we add. This strong growth means that from the summer of next year, we will enter into continuous production. To ensure that production continues overnight and during the weekends, we are strengthening our team with the addition of advanced robots.

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Working alongside specialist partners, we have developed AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots). These are used on our Gripline production line, to continue production partly unattended. These self-driving AMRs ensure that the buckets, tubs and rectangular tubs are moved automatically from the production line to the warehouse.

We are currently still in the test phase. By mid-2021, we intend to shift from a 3-shift work pattern to 24-hour production. So all of our customers, both existing and new, will continue to receive fast delivery times.

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