New range of construction membranes by Foliefol

29 March 2021

We have completely revamped our range of construction membranes. The Foliefol products fully comply with the new, more stringent laws and regulations concerning the insulation of both housing and non-residential construction. This results in many advantages for building professionals, but we don't stop there. We have also updated the packaging and store presentation.

Air-tight construction is becoming increasingly important in new construction in the Netherlands. The Near Zero Energy Neutral Buildings (BENG) requirements have also entered into force on January 1. With these, the proper sealing of insulation in the building envelope (the walls, the floor and the ceiling) of a house is important. The construction membranes of Foliefol contribute to sealing this insulation. How does it work?

Exterior and interior 

Foliefol has membranes for both the 'warm' interior and the 'cold' exterior. The membranes for the warm side are vapor-proof and vapor-inhibiting. This ensures that no vapors or moisture can contact the construction or the insulation. The cold membranes, such as spunbonded covers and LPDE membrane, are vapor permeable. As a result, no moisture can enter from the outside. This shields the insulation from wetness and ensures that it continues to function optimally. Houses retain their heat much easier this way and this saves on energy costs. Occupants will enjoy the comfort that Foliefol provides.

With Foliefol, building professionals meet the highest standards for air-tight construction. And the newest membranes offer even more advantages. In addition to the black and gray, we now also have membranes in blue available. Besides rolls of 50 meters, the membranes are now also available in rolls of 25 meters. This makes the rolls easier to place on the roofs. 

New integrated tape

Foliefol is now also introducing membranes with integrated, double-sided tape. Roof and wall membranes such as Multitop ST and the Mutlitop XS are much more easy to place this way. The integrated tape has an adhesive layer on both sides. This allows you to seal the membrane strips by simply placing them on top of each other. Placing a separate tape on top is no longer necessary. This no only saves materials and time, but also seals better than regular tape.

Also new is the Foliefol facade membrane Multitop UV FR for open facades. This membrane meets the new regulations in regard to fire safety (fire class B), is highly UV-resistant and as such, an outstanding product for open facades. 

New packaging and store communication

Berdal not only thinks along with builders and handymen, but also retailers. Good store communication is an essential component of the assortment. That is why the packaging lines of the construction membranes have also been improved. 

In order to differentiate between the warm and cold assortment, the packaging has been labeled with either a blue (cold) or red (warm) color. This way, you can see which Foliefol products are for indoor or outdoor use in one glance.

The membranes have now been made with the same color on both sides. Customers can immediately see which color membrane they are holding. Berda has also printed all membranes, which communicates the brand name much more clearly. This will make the brand more easy to find in stores and enhance the turnover rate of Foliefol on the shop floor. 

Membranes with EPDM

Berdal is the only wholesale supplier that has tapes and construction membranes. This concerns both LPDE and spunbonded covers (under the Foliefol brand) and EPDM strips and membranes for flat roofs and airtightness around window frames. Berdal's EPDM products are made by the Pandser brand. We are also innovating in this area, and more news will follow shortly.

Are you curious and would you like to know more? Please see the vlog below by our product and new business development manager Michel Smit. He further explains all the available options when it comes to the assortment, target group and application. 


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