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25 January 2022

We are featured in BouwBusiness! Owner Bas van Kamperdijk and commercial director Eugène van den Broek talk in the article about, among other things, sustainability, the brands of Berdal and the ambitions. 

Added value of take-over Loadlok Retail

The article pays attention to the take-over of Loadlok Retail (meanwhile Konvox) and the added value of this brand for Berdal. Eugène also talks about how Berdal maintains its leading position in the market: “Sustainability is such a catch phrase. Claiming to be sustainable is one thing, but really implementing it is another. We do the latter.”

Together successful in the market 

We are happy to go that extra mile for you as a customer. Bas says in the article: “Unburdening does not only mean delivering all items in a neat and timely manner but is actually about providing that added value. We help customers be successful in the market. The more successful our customers, the more successful we are as a company.”  

The entire article can be read in BouwBusiness. No subscription? Read the article here.


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