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16 June 2022

As a partner of wholesalers and retail chains, we gladly think along about the way in which we can offer our products in a more successful and profitable manner to end users. That's how we make it even easier for professionals and independent handymen to opt for user-friendly materials and high-quality tools. 

By making careful choices about our brands and product range, we communicate even clearer which product is the best match for what project. As an umbrella organisation, Berdal connects the brands Pandser, Gripline, Premiumfol, Konvox and FENTO and assures as such the quality and sustainability of the product range.

The Foliefol brand disappears

Foliefol ceases to exist as a brand. This bprorand covers a large diversity of product groups, ranging from technical foils, tapes and tarpaulins to traffic items. We have made the choice to position these products with other brands to create more clarity. 

This means the customers of Foliefol will be offered an even wider range of products, specially aimed at professionals or independent handymen. The ordering process of the current Foliefol products remains the same, as is the largest part of the EAN codes and item numbers. The overview shows the brand-positioning of the Foliefol products. 

Take a look at the overview from Foliefol to Konvox

Take a look at the overview from Foliefol to Pandser

Further expansion Pandser total concept 

Pandser offers construction professionals all the materials needed to sustainably seal roofs, gutters and facades. Our offer is expanded further with the products included in the Foliefol product range. In addition to the well-known EPDM strips, roof membranes and lead substitutes, Pandser now also supplies reinforced membranes, spunbond membranes, DPC and construction membranes and matching tapes. Professionals will therefore be able to apply Pandser's damming foils to the entire building envelope. We are also working on the further development of Pandser PE foils in terms of thickness and packaging of the material. We expect to present our extensive Pandser range in a new look starting Q4 of this year.

We will soon share more news relating to our brands. Do you have questions regarding the developments around Foliefol or the possibilities Pandser has to offer? Contact our sales team via


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