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16 December 2022

2022 was the year in which we celebrated our 50th anniversary. But also the year in which we worked really hard on the rebranding of our five strong brands. In addition, we received our second nomination by Zevij-Necomij as “Supplier of the Year”, with the theme “circular business operations”. And for the third time in a row, we won the FD Gazellen Award, a recognition for the fastest growing organisations in the Netherlands. We look forward to continuing this success in 2023 together!

Revision and further development brand strategy

This year was marked by our 50th anniversary. We reflected on this milestone with an enjoyable celebration for all of our employees in the Netherlands and Poland. But we mainly looked ahead. We developed a new multi-annual strategy and worked on the rebranding of our brand portfolio. This has resulted in a recalibration of our brand story and the introduction of a “House of Brands”. We help our partners with the further development of our brand strategy in offering our products and services in an even more successful and profitable way in the future. 

Expansion product line

The Konvox product line consists of smart solutions to protect professionals at the construction site and to secure loads or transport goods. The product range is a consolidation of the partial ranges of Loadlok Retail, which we took over 2021, and Foliefol, that ceased to exist as a brand in 2022. The products of Foliefol will be repositioned in the product range of Pandser, Premiumfol and Konvox, depending on the target group. This means the customers of Foliefol will be offered an even wider range of products, specially aimed at the professional or DIY enthusiast.

Outlook on 2023

We continue to strive for responsible growth with high-quality, durable rubber and plastic products. We will focus even more on sustainability and circularity in 2023 with a pilot project for which we collect used buckets, mortar tubs and containers through DIY stores. These products will be converted into the raw material for new Berdal products. In this circular system, the used products find their way back to the producer by means of recycling.  This initiative is unique in Europe. 

Other developments scheduled for 2023 are:

  • Further optimisation of our service provision and sales support with, among other things, entirely new product photography, atmospheric photos, application videos for Pandser and Premiumfol and renewed packaging for all brands.
  • Further expansion of Pandser in Europe as the total concept for the built hull.
  • Cradle-to-Cradle certification for all Gripline buckets, tubs and containers.

Deliveries and availability during the holidays

Our sales department and office employees are available between Christmas and New Year. Our logistics department and warehouses are closed during that time. This means we will not be delivering any orders between 22 December and 2 January. You may expect the delivery times you are used to again as of 3 January.

We wish you happy holidays and a happy new year!

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