Since 1987, we have been supplying construction membranes under the brand name Foliefol.
Foliefol stands for sustainability and high-quality, and is the place to go for airtight construction products.

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Foliefol Roof- & Wall Membranes

Due to the constantly changing laws and regulations regarding sustainability in the construction industry, airtight construction (and therefore high performance air and moisture control products) is becoming increasingly important.
Good facade, roof and wall membranes are, in conjunction with the appropriate tapes, essential for preventing the infiltration and exfiltration of unwanted airflows and for ensuring that the insulation in new-build homes and renovation projects function optimally.

Due to the moisture-resistant effect, the insulation material remains dry, which means that it lasts longer and retains the heat better.
The insulating membranes for the warm interior sides of a building are also important to insulate and heat houses as sustainably as possible.


Consistent product range

Foliefol is a brand “built from the ground up”, resulting in roof and wall membranes, hydrophobic membranes, construction membranes, asbestos bags, and safety products. Foliefol has been developed in order to offer a high-quality, consistent product range and act as an all-rounder in the market, much like our own brand Gripline.

Under one roof

Foliefol represents a wide and deep range of technical film products, recycled PE construction films and water-repellent DPC films. The film products can be used on both the cold and warm side of roofs and facades. The advantage of this is that construction customers are able to put together their range at one supplier instead of five different ones. Foliefol has films for all kinds of facades and roofs, as can be seen in the image on the left. This shows exactly what each type of film is used for. Click on the image to enlarge it.