Foliefol built from the ground up

Berdal’s Foliefol is a sustainable and flexible construction membrane. It is made of recyclable polyethylene material, which makes it very environmentally friendly! The membrane remains flexible even in very cold temperatures.

The material also lends itself perfectly to reuse (recycling). Since the product has so many different applications, it is available in various thicknesses and dimensions. Foliefol features white or black outer packaging.

Foliefol logo
Foliefol assortment

Foliefol Roof- & Wall Film

The roof and wall films from Foliefol are applied onto the “cold side” of the roof or wall of a residence. These are available in moisture-open and moisture-permeable varieties, so that moisture can travel easily from inside to outside, but not the other way around. Of course, the films are also 100% waterproof. The films can also be used to temporarily seal things off during renovation projects or new construction.

Consistent product range

Foliefol is a brand “built from the ground up”, resulting in roof and wall membranes, hydrophobic membranes, construction membranes, asbestos bags, and safety products. Foliefol has been developed in order to offer a high-quality, consistent product range and act as an all-rounder in the market, much like our own brand Gripline.

Under one roof

Foliefol is an enormous range of consistent membrane products. The advantage of this is that various consumers in the construction field can create their product range with a single supplier instead of five different ones.