Foliefol Building film

The construction films from Berdal are sustainable, because they are produced using recyclable PE materials, and stay flexible, even at extremely cold temperatures. The different sizes and thicknesses that Berdal offers the construction films allows the to be used in a variety of ways.

PE Building film

Foliefol PE construction film is made from reclaimed PE materials and is available in black or clear. These are perfect for covering construction materials and floors, such as newly poured concrete floors. The film can also be used to temporarily close off windows and doors during construction.

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Dust Sheet

Foliefol static film is film made from HDPE. HDPE has a static quality. This allows it to adhere to walls easily. As such, it is often used as a film to cover walls when pouring concrete floors or when spray treating ceilings with stucco. It can also be used as a material to cover furniture when painting.

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Weed control fabric

Foliefol’s anti-weed mat is an excellent solution for preventing the growth of weeds on roadwork, gravel and in ponds. The material is finely woven with exceptional permeability for fluids and is also UV resistant.

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