Foliefol Facade Membrane

Foliefol offers a wide range of facade films that help construction professionals meet the strict requirements of sustainable construction. These membranes are used on the cold side of constructions in new-build homes and renovation projects.

We incorporate membranes for closed facades and membranes for open facades under the term “facade membrane”.


Facade film (Open facades)

Foliefol Multitop UV FR is a facade membrane for open facades.
Multitop UV FR is UV-resistant, meaning it can withstand sunlight well (maximum joint width of 50 mm and a max. proportion of joints of 40%). In addition, it complies with the new fire safety regulations (fire rating B), making it a safe and secure product.

Multitop UV FR is also suitable as roofing underlay for special roofs, such as those built with the old Dutch roof tiles that don’t close seamlessly. The membrane is black and without a print, meaning it does not stand out between the facade claddings.

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Facade film (Closed facades)

Reinforced, perforated, vapour-permeable membranes are used for closed-cavity facades that contain soft insulation materials, such as glass wool or mineral wool, instead of materials with hard surfaces.
These can also be used as temporarily glazing foil during renovation or new construction projects.

Multitop spunbound membrane is recommended for hard sheets of insulation or structures with hard surfaces.

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