Gripline Buckets

The Gripline bucket is a classic item in the Berdal range. Printed buckets are also available if required. The sturdier buckets are suitable for construction, however we also have models designed for household tasks.


The buckets from the Durable series are smoother and feature a more attractive finish. These buckets are lighter as well, which means fewer CO2 emissions during production. The modified “angle of slope” yields additional advantages. When stacking the buckets, the modified angle of slope allows for more air between the buckets. There is no longer any need to twist and pull them apart, which saves a great deal of time when handling them. The potent plastic smell that most people are accustomed to with these types of products is now permanently a thing of the past. As a result, giving the buckets a prominent position at point of sale is more appealing.


With extra-reinforced thickness on the sides and a heavy-duty handle, and made from materials that cannot be torn, these buckets from the Craneable series are solid, reliable products. Suitable for heavy hoisting work as demonstrated by the TÜV NORD certificate, which means that the capacity of these products to carry heavy loads is thoroughly tested thoroughly annually.


Not all Gripline products fall under the classification of buckets, tubs or bins. These are what we call our “specials”. For instance, items with non-standard content sizes (100 or 150 litres), our Flex Tubs or the mixing pails. We also make non-standard size buckets in striking colours upon request.


The reliable “faces” of the Gripline family: the buckets from the Original series. These products are what spring to mind when people think of Berdal—and for good reason. They are perfectly uniform in appearance and finish when compared to the tubs and bins from the Original series.