Gripline Rubber Products

Our rubber products are produced in house with the professional quality that you expect from Gripline and Berdal. Gripline's rubber products include a broad and varied range of hammers, sledgehammer caps, pneumatic supports and door stoppers, and drain cleaners. These sturdy products are extremely reliable and feature a smooth finish. 


An old classic has been added to the Gripline range: the Gripline hammer. Hard and soft models of the hammer are available. These models come in different sizes, as indicated by the numbers 1 to 9. We have the Rotterdam-style model as well.

Door Stops

Allow Gripline’s indestructible door buffers to take the blow. They are impact resistant. They feature a smooth finish and are available in five colours and sizes.

Closet Buffers

Gripline closet buffers prevent damage to the door or walls when opening a door. Available in white, red, grey and black.

Toilet Plungers

A reliable member of the Gripline family. Available in two sizes, these drain cleaners deliver the results that you expect.