Gripline Rubber Products

Our rubber products are produced in house with the professional quality that you expect from Gripline and Berdal. Gripline's rubber products include a broad and varied range of hammers, sledgehammer caps, pneumatic supports and door stoppers, and drain cleaners. These sturdy products are extremely reliable and feature a smooth finish. 


Meanwhile also a classic in the Gripline product range: the Gripline hammer. Available in a hard and a soft version. Within these versions we have different sizes, labelled with the numbers 1 up to 9. The Rotterdam version is also included in our range.

Rubber Heads

Gripline rubber heads are high-quality and extremely suitable for the professional user. Available in several sizes. 

Door Stops

You can leave it up to the indestructible door stops of Gripline to absorb the blows. The door stops are designed for heavy-duty use. Smoothly finished and available in five colours and five sizes.

Closet Buffers

The Gripline closet buffers, also called door stops, prevent damage to doors, walls or side walls when the door swings open. Available in the colours white, red, grey and black.

Toilet Plungers

A reliable member of the Gripline family. Available in two sizes, these drain cleaners deliver the results that you expect.

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