Pandser EPDM Lead Replacements

Fast Flash is a product of Pandser. It is a self-adhesive, lead replacement based on environmentally friendly rubber polymers, reinforced with aluminium, and features a completely self-adhesive bottom layer.

Lead Replacement

Pandser Betaflex lead substitute can be used as a water barrier at facades, to make a connection between the facade and a fl at roof, for thresholds and as a substitute for cavity lead and joints lead. When used to make a connection between a chimney and a sloping roof, and between a skylight and a tiled roof dormer, we recommend Fast Flash lead substitute. The lead substitute is supplied with aluminium expanded metal.

Fast Flash

Fast Flash is an environmental-friendly and highly fl exible sealing material. With its self-adhesive back, the product is easy to process. Fast Flash is suitable for the entire roof when a fast, waterproof solution is required. Think about the facade, around dormers, the water barrier of chimneys or the threshold.