Sustainable Enterprise

Berdal is aware of its responsibilities with regard to the environment and sustainable production. In light of that awareness, we work with green energy to limit our CO2 emissions. Our buckets are produced with homogeneous, recycled raw materials that are guaranteed to be free of cadmium.


The basic materials that we use for the production of buckets, tubs, and trays is made from rubbish collected from households. All our production waste is reused. In doing so, we create a recycling chain and products are made in a highly sustainable way.

"Der Blaue Engel" Environmental Certification

Our mortar tubs are made of 100% recycled, certified materials that have been resourced from plastic household rubbish. Our buckets are at 80% because they have a steel handle. That is why Berdal received the “Der Blaue Engel” certification in 2014: the official German environmental certification mark!

  • "Der Blaue Engel" certification

    "Der Blaue Engel" certification

    Protecting people and the environment since 1978. The first and most successful (accredited) environmental label in the world.

  • The Plastics Pact

    The Plastics Pact

    All members of this initiative, which is supported by the European Union, are striving to significantly reduce their use of plastic and increase plastic collection and recycling.

Produce more with less plastic

Berdal is striving to use raw materials in a more sustainable manner. This means that we are using less plastic, increasing plastic collection and encouraging the use of recycled raw materials – and is the reason why we have subscribed to the Plastic Pact. This initiative, supported by the European Union, is a collaboration between the public sector, private companies and various NGOs. Since July 2019, we are the only member of the Dutch Plastic Pact in this sector. At that time, this pact grew from 66 to 110 members. By committing ourselves to this, we too are committed to using 20% less plastic in 2025 than we did in 2018. In addition, the collection of plastic and the use of recycled raw materials will be greatly increased. 

We are also an active member of the 'Reduce and Reuse' working party in order to increase the reuse of household waste for new raw materials. At least 30 percent of our plastic production is recycled and reused in new products.

A circular production process

Berdal is in the final phase of obtaining the international C2C quality mark. C2C, Cradle-to-cradle, stands for a circular production process in which all waste materials can be reused as new raw materials. C2C works with various certifications in which carriers are assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Healthy and safe use of materials.
  • Reuse and recycling of material.
  • Use of renewable energy and reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • Sustainable water management.
  • Social responsibility.

Depending on the percentage score for each of these points, participants will receive a bronze, silver, gold or platinum certificate. We are thereby committed to creating a circular economy where we produce more with raw materials that are recycled or recyclable, which enables us to realise a fully circular process.

  • C2C


    The 'Cradle-to-cradle' quality mark stands for circularity – an important basis for sustainable business. All waste materials in the production process become new raw materials once again.

Berdal - Let's care together

"We are merely borrowing the earth from future generations."