• Water and airtight solutions for roof, facade and floor
  • EPDM foil, DPC and construction foil and matching chemicals and accessories
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly materials
Berdal Merk Pandser

Waterproof and airtight solutions for projects

Pandser offers building professionals all they need for waterproofing roofs, facades and floors. With our total concept of materials, tools and accessories, we offer the most sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for various moisture and airtightness problems.

Waterproof solutions

In the Pandser range, you will always find a suitable product for professional preparation, execution and finishing of your project. Besides the well-known EPDM strips, roof membranes and lead substitutes, Pandser supplies reinforced foils, spider sheet foils, DPC and construction foils and matching tapes.

Pandser series

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Building Film

Pandser construction films are ideal for use on the construction site. With PE construction film, you quickly cover materials against moisture and dirt.

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Protection Film

Pandser pipe liner is used (printed and unprinted) in asbestos remediation and as temporary rainwater drainage.

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Roof- & Wall Membranes

Thanks to the moisture-damming properties, the insulation material stays dry, meaning it has a longer lifespan and ensures better retention of heat. The insulating foils for the warm inner side are also important to insulate and heat up houses as sustainably as possible. 

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Facade Membrane

Pandser facade films are ideal for protecting facades from wind and water. The facade films are available for open and closed facades.

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EPDM Accessories

The Pandser range includes a variety of EPDM accessories. Such as pressure rollers and wheels, primer, roof trims, EPDM rainwater drains and city drains with EPDM foil collar.

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EPDM is a synthetic rubber with a higher durability than bitumen and DPC. Eco-friendly EPDM is used for waterproofing flat or slightly sloped roofs and as a water barrier at window frames or foundations. This material is also great for recoating zinc gutters. Because you glue EPDM, it is very safe to apply.

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EPDM Lead Replacements

Our lead substitutes are suitable as water barriers for various applications on roofs, dormers and cavity walls. Lead substitutes are not only safer for people and the environment, but also easier and faster to process than lead. Fast Flash is available in different colors so that the material perfectly matches the color of the roof tiles.

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Pandser studded track is the ideal solution under all kinds of concrete structures.

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Damming Film

Pandser DPC waterproofing film has waffle structure on two sides. The film is cut on one side, making it effortless to unroll.

Instructional videos

Especially for end users, we offer 3D instructional videos to support their projects. In these videos, end users see which products and tools they need for their water and air sealing projects. We also show in clear steps how they can easily apply the products.

Watch our instruction videos

Our brands

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We market our construction buckets, tubs, bins, knee pads and rubber products made of sustainable plastic under the Gripline brand.

PremiumFol PremiumFol


Premiumfol offers a complete range of waterproofing membranes and EPDM products for the home handyman.

Konvox Konvox


Konvox is a specialist in packaging and load securing products for professionals and home handymen.



The FENTO brand develops comfortable, durable and ergonomic knee protectors.