Environmental impact

Wherever possible, we choose fully recycled materials as raw and packaging materials. With every investment and policy choice, we include the environmental impact of our production and processes in final decisions. In 2018, for example, we chose a new brand of injection moulding machines that use 20-25% less energy, thereby significantly reducing CO₂ emissions. Internal transport is only electric and the energy required for this is purchased green as much as possible.

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Verpakken Emmers Berdal

Fewer packaging materials

For deliveries and products, we are constantly looking to optimise packaging and reduce packaging plastics. In 2020, we invested in a new packaging line that packs pallets with 25% less packaging material. Thus, in 2021, we saved over 22,000 kilos of packaging material for packing our buckets, specie tubs and bins. That same year, we invested in a special banding machine so that our EPDM rolls no longer need to be wrapped in plastic. Reducing printing and far-reaching digitalisation of our communications reduce the consumption of paper & cardboard.

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Sustainable business

Sustainability is one of our key drivers. With eco-friendly solutions for the entire chain, together with our suppliers and distributors, we continuously build on joint success.

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Raw materials

We aim for a high-quality range of rubber and plastic products and concepts consisting entirely of renewable raw materials. In this way, we achieve joint successes with as little environmental impact as possible.

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