Healthy work-life balance

We consider a good work-life balance important and discourage overtime wherever possible. To encourage a healthier lifestyle, we offer our employees free fruit on an ongoing basis, as well as training to stop smoking. With a bicycle plan developed in-house, we motivate our employees to cycle to work. In addition, in cooperation with local job development company Ontplooj, we offer space to colleagues with a distance to the labour market.

MVO Mens
Gelijke Kansen


Regardless of gender, race or creed, every Berdal employee has the same opportunities, rights and obligations. Both at our location in the Netherlands and in Poland, we strive for a balanced mix of employees when it comes to these aspects. We do not do business with suppliers where these values are demonstrably violated, or where there is the appearance that they are not upheld.

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Corporate sustainability

Sustainability is one of our key drivers. With eco-friendly solutions for the entire chain, we are constantly building joint success together with our suppliers and distributors.

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Berdal encourages more sustainable choices. For example, in terms of sustainable use of raw materials and energy and reducing packaging materials.

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