Berdal sees logistics throughout the chain as an essential component to increase its sustainability, make the chain more efficient and reduce costs in the chain. To this end, we are a proactive partner of buyers, category managers and supply chain managers. In order to optimise deliveries from Berdal as a manufacturer right down to the shop floor. We do this by making optimal use of the space in our trucks and providing support in E-commerce logistics to the end user.

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We strive for optimal packaging units. Berdal determines this for each pallet based on the warehouse facilities of its partners and the ideal cross-docking quantities. An example of this is improving the pallet quantities from production so that we can deliver double-steak into our trucks. This allows us to make the best use of the space in the trucks. This results in a 20% more efficient trip and 20% less CO2 emissions.

Less transport movement

Berdal reduces transport movements by seeking suppliers closer to the distribution centre and carrying out more operations in its own production fully automated. As a result, fewer transport movements are needed before a product is ready. For the entire chain, we are looking at what support Berdal can offer in their logistics to the end-user. In order to further reduce the amount of transport movements.

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