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Berdal believes that together we are stronger than the sum of our parts. By joining forces, we can meet challenges and realise ambitions. By this, we do not only mean working together within Berdal. It is precisely this cooperation with our dealers and with the entire construction chain that is the key to our success. We do this by supporting our dealers with smart supplementary services.

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Sharing knowledge

We link dealers' market knowledge and experience to our products, services and solutions. Through our sales promoter, we provide product demonstrations, training courses and toolboxes to easily impart all relevant knowledge about our products. This way, together we achieve successful strengths and thus the best performance.


Berdal provides its customers with all relevant and up-to-date product information via the website. We also provide various PIM (Product Information Management) systems with up-to-date data that customers use in their ERP systems and web shop applications. Examples of well-known PIM systems are EZ-Base, DGE, GS1, IB and Perfion.

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To show the applications and possibilities of the range, Berdal shot atmospheric images of the products and developed 3D instructional videos. These videos show end-users which products and tools they need for their projects around water and air sealing. We also show in clear steps how they can easily apply the products.

These mood images and animation videos support retail chains and wholesalers with information, promotion, sales and after-sales of products. Thus, Berdal enables its partners to effectively and efficiently reach their end users. In order to increase their success and our reach.


Together towards the optimal assortment. Berdal supports its dealers with market knowledge, through proper data analysis and cooperation in data. We use the information to make proposals for, for example, the right assortment and setting up optimal shelf layouts. This allows you to display products in an attractive way to your customers. We see the market trends (national and international) and translate them into good advice for our relations.

We like to think along with our dealers about offline sales support. For instance, our shelf plan offers the opportunity to sell various products. Using the shelf calculator, we easily calculate the investment. In addition, we provide immediate insight into the returns that can be expected.

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