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Berdal employees are involved, show commitment and have a say. We like to give you a look behind the scenes by letting our own people do the talking.

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Liesbeth Snijders Niens

Liesbeth Snijders-Niens

Internal sales Export

Achieving goals together

Liesbeth Snijders-Niens has been part of the Sales Team for several years. In recent years, this department has grown a lot in terms of professionalism. "Within the Sales Department, we ensure together that our customers and prospects are number one. At Berdal, we are a driven, enthusiastic and professional team that helps, guides, supports but also stimulates each other."

"There is an informal, open atmosphere among ourselves in which we can address each other directly. In cooperating with colleagues, I find it most important that there is a feeling that we are working with each other and not alongside each other. Achieving objectives together, being able to be positively critical of each other with a joke now and then. Taking an interest in each other, even privately."

"Working at Berdal means working for a professionally healthy and progressive company."

"You get every opportunity to get on this train; you are coached, stimulated and enthused and that's what makes it so much fun to dedicate yourself to Berdal."

Diverse and challenging

Wouter Hof: "What is nice about working at Berdal is the diversity and challenges you are presented with. And which you can pick up and work out together with your colleagues to achieve a good result. Berdal is a no-nonsense company that is growing enormously and where you are given every freedom to develop. You are involved in everything. The culture within Berdal can be described as approachable and down-to-earth."

"There is a great sense of togetherness."

"In addition, there is a huge dynamic between the departments in the entire process from order to delivery. My colleagues can expect me to be a team player. We work together for our success. For me, if there is a problem then we all face that problem and if success is achieved then we have done it together."

"To fit in well at Berdal, it is important that you can handle the high work pace that sometimes comes with the enormous growth we are experiencing. As a result, there are still some areas for organisational improvement but that is to be expected in a company that is growing so fast.

Wouter Hof

Wouter Hof

Export Manager

Leen Nijzink

Leen Nijzink

Assistant Head of Logistics

Enthusiastic and committed group

Leen Nijzink: "The great thing about working at Berdal is that every day it is a challenge to work with colleagues to dispatch the orders properly and on time. The great thing is that we can do this with an enthusiastic and committed group. Berdal has an open culture, in which you are given a lot of personal responsibility."

"You are challenged to think along to optimise the organisation."

"Character traits that are important to fit well within Berdal are: being able to work independently, being a team player and wanting to develop yourself."

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