Our brands

As an umbrella organisation, Berdal connects the brands Gripline, Pandser, Premiumfol, Konvox and FENTO. We communicate directly with end users from these brands. With our broad and deep range, wholesalers and retail chains can easily purchase all materials from one supplier.

Berdal Bedrijfswagen
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  • Construction buckets, tubs, bins, knee pads and rubber products
  • Made of 100% recycled and certified plastic
  • Own production in the Netherlands and Poland
Berdal Merk Pandser
  • Water and airtight solutions for roof, facade and floor
  • EPDM foil, DPC and construction foil and matching chemicals and accessories
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly materials
Berdal Premiumfol Merk
  • Waterproofing membranes and EPDM products for the building envelope
  • To professional standards with a long service life
  • Ease of use for the home handyman
Berdal Merk Konvox
  • Safety and packaging equipment for transport and construction sites
  • Load securing, tarpaulins and films
  • Smart quality products for professionals and home handymen
Berdal Merk Fento
  • Knee protectors
  • Developed together with physiotherapists
  • Comfortable, durable and ergonomic

Stronger together

Eugène van den Broek

Commercial Director

Continuous development, innovation, sustainability and cooperation throughout the construction chain are essential to achieve joint success and produce high-quality products.

Eugene Van Den Broek