Sustainable is doing!

Berdal has been working towards a more sustainable business since the 1990s. We believe that themes such as sustainability and circular construction call for innovation. This means more cooperation throughout the chain. Based on the themes of sustainable enterprise, climate, logistics, people and raw materials, we show what concrete actions we take when it comes to sustainable and socially responsible business.

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Groep Aan Tafel Berdal

Sustainable enterprise

Sustainability is one of our key drivers. With environment-friendly solutions for the entire chain, we are continuously building on joint success together with our suppliers and dealers.

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Berdal encourages more sustainable choices. For example, in the field of sustainable handling of raw materials and energy and reducing packaging materials.

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Omslagafbeelding Mvo


Berdal thinks along with its partners about efficient logistics. In order to reduce pressure on the road network and the environment.

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The well-being of people is central to Berdal. This is reflected in encouraging a good work-life balance and healthy habits. 

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Bouwemmers En Kuipen Gerycycled


We aim for a high-quality range of rubber and plastic products and concepts consisting entirely of renewable raw materials. In this way, we achieve joint successes with as little environmental impact as possible.

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