Together sustainable

We believe that every product at the end of its life is a raw material for a new product, without compromising on quality. Together with our suppliers and dealers, a future-oriented machine park, rich knowledge and experience, we strive for a high-quality range of rubber and plastic products and concepts consisting entirely of renewable raw materials. The sustainability of our products is guaranteed by independent quality marks such as Der Blaue Engel and Cradle 2 Cradle.

Groep Aan Tafel Berdal
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The basic material for the production of buckets, tubs and bins is waste collected from households. All our production waste is recycled. In this way, we create a chain of recycling and produce in a highly sustainable manner.

Blue Angel environmental mark

Our buckets and tubs, from the Durable and Original series of the Gripline brand, are made of 100% recycled and certified plastic, recovered from household waste. For this, Berdal received the Blaue Engel certificate in 2014: the official German eco-label.


Cradle-to-cradle is based on the idea that after their life in one product, all used materials can be put to good use in another product, without loss of quality and value. The latter distinguishes Cradle-to-Cradle from traditional recycling. This makes Cradle-to-Cradle the ultimate form of sustainability and circularity.

In 2019, we started Cradle-to-Cradle certification for several products and brands. These include for our roofing, waterproofing strips and waterproof EPDM films of the Pandser and Premiumfol brands. In 2023, our Gripline brand will also be Cradle-to-Cradle certified.

Cradle To Cradle Certificering
Emmers Gripline

More products with less plastic

Since July 2019, we have been the only one in this industry to join the Dutch Plastic Pact, a European Union-supported collaboration of the public sector, private companies and various NGOs. This commits us to the goal of using 20% less plastic in 2025 than in 2018. We do this by using less plastic, strengthening plastic collection and promoting the use of recycled raw materials.

We are also an active member of the 'Reduce and Reuse' working group to increase the reuse of household waste for new raw materials. At least 30 per cent of our plastic production is recycled and reused in new products.


Berdal encourages more sustainable choices. For example, in terms of sustainable use of raw materials and energy and reducing packaging materials.

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Berdal thinks along with its partners about efficient logistics. In order to reduce pressure on the road network and the environment.

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