Gripline passports

We have special passports for each of our Gripline products. These handy passports contain all product specifications, clearly and carefully arranged for you. From basic information about content, weight, volume and dimensions, to specific product information and pallet specifications. On the right-hand side you’ll find a complete overview of our Gripline product passports.

Bucket - GRIPLINE-O - Knob handle - 12L - 10330
Bucket, GRIPLINE-C, Hook handle, 12L - 10290
Bucket, GRIPLINE-C, Hook handle, 20L - 10290
Bucket, GRIPLINE-D, Knob handle, 12L - 10300
Bucket, GRIPLINE-D, Knob handle, 20L - 10300
Bucket, GRIPLINE-L, Knob handle, 12L - 10320
Bucket, GRIPLINE-L, Knob handle, 20L - 10320
Bucket, GRIPLINE-O, Hook handle, 12L - 10335
Bucket, GRIPLINE-O, Knob handle, 20L - 10330
Bucket, GRIPLINE-X, Hook handle, 10L - 10365
Bucket, GRIPLINE-X, Hook handle, 12L - 10365
Bucket, GRIPLINE-X, Hook handle, 20L - 10365
Bucket, GRIPLINE-X, Hook handle, Spout, 12L - 10367
Bucket, GRIPLINE-X, Hook handle, Spout, 14L - 10367
Bucket, GRIPLINE-X, Hook handle, Spout, 20L - 10367
Bucket, GRIPLINE-X, Knob handle, 10L, Assorti - 10360
Bucket, GRIPLINE-X, Knob handle, 5L - 10360
Bucket, GRIPLINE-X, Rubber, Hook handle, Spout, 10L - 10368
Flextub - GRIPLINE-F - 25L - 10420
Flextub - GRIPLINE-F - 42L - 10420


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