A new name for Loadlok Retail: Konvox

12 January 2022

We took over Loadlok Retail this past summer. The product range of Loadlok Retail will be fully integrated within Berdal to offer you, as a customer, more overview and convenience. The first step in this process was the conversion of the existing item numbers to new item numbers in the familiar Berdal structure.

A new brand

The range offered by Konvox is a consolidation of the product lines of Loadlok Retail and Foliefol. 
We have opted for a new name to prevent confusion with the cargo products of the Loadlok brand in Europe during the rollout of the former Loadlok Retail range. We have worked hard these past few months to develop a name for the new brand, fitting for the high-quality product range for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. We are now able to proudly present to you: Konvox.
The name ‘Konvox’ is a combination of the English words for konvooi (‘convoy’) and vos (‘fox’). A convoy is a group of vehicles travelling together for safety reasons. This refers to our products that are protecting people and secure loads or transport goods. The fox is known for its ingenuity, coming up with smart solutions to achieve his goal. That's why we chose the pay-off: Smart solutions for transport & construction.

Gradual rollout new house style

The next step in the rebranding process is the rollout of, among other things, product sheets, catalogues and packaging in the Konvox house style. As you know, sustainability is an important part of Berdal's DNA. We will therefore first phase-out the current materials of Loadlok in order to prevent wastage. Once we run out of Loadlok's stock of packaging materials, you will receive our products in recognisable Konvox-branded packaging.

Information renewed range

We will introduce the renewed information regarding the products and the range of Konvox in the months to come. Until then, the overview containing the adjusted item numbers

Do you have any questions about the renewed Konvox product range? Our sales personnel will be happy to help through mail or by telephone: 0546572672

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