Konvox develops and supplies smart high-quality products for professionals and DIY enthusiasts to secure loads and transport goods and to protect people against loose materials.

We support our dealers with full retail concepts, product demonstrations and instruction videos for our high-grade lashing straps, lifting straps, debris bags, Big Bags, scaffolding safety nets, trailer nets and mats for, among others, the construction and transport industry.

Explanation of the name

The name ‘Konvox’ is a combination of the English words for konvooi (‘convoy’) and vos (‘fox’). A convoy is a group of vehicles travelling together for safety reasons. This refers to our products that are protecting people and secure loads or transport goods. The fox is known for its ingenuity, coming up with smart solutions to achieve his goal. That's why we chose the pay-off: Smart solutions for transport & construction.

Information renewed range

We will adjust the information documents regarding the products and the range of Konvox in the months to come. Until then, the overview containing the adjusted item numbers continues to be leading. Do you have any questions about the renewed Konvox product range? Our sales personnel will be happy to help through mail or by telephone: 0546572672

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