About Berdal

Berdal is a part of Berdal Group. Berdal has been a leading producer, supplier, and private-label specialist in synthetic and rubber products for the professional ironworking, construction material, and DIY sectors for over 45 years.

Our top brand, Gripline, has since become well known for its construction buckets. Our Pandser line offers the most sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for various water- and windproofing problems. Berdal values quality highly and exclusively makes its products according to certified processes.

Let's Build Together

Berdal's central message is ‘Let’s build together’. We are convinced that together, we are stronger than the sum of our parts, By joining forces, we are able to take on challenges and realise our ambitions. And by this we don't just mean working together within Berdal. It is precisely this collaboration with you and with the construction chain as a whole that is the key to our success. 



Made in Holland

Berdal is located on a modern property of a well-equipped machinery compound at the Twente Business Park in Almelo. All production occurs in the Netherlands and Poland, 65 to 70 percent of which is exported internationally. When it comes to production, Berdal brainstorms and proactively works on realising innovative solutions and collaborations within the supply chain.

Why Berdal?

Berdal is an innovative producer and supplier of plastic and rubber products for the construction and DIY sectors. With our incredibly large range of products, the professional or consumer can purchase their materials from one supplier instead of from many different ones. We place continued development, innovation, sustainability, and social involvement high on our list of priorities. One way that we do this is by seeking out vertical collaboration in specialised trade.

Why Berdal?

  • Reliable, innovative, and service-focused production companyReliable, innovative, and service-focused production company

  • Private-labelling marketing optionsPrivate-labelling marketing options

  • Guaranteed cadmium-free productionGuaranteed cadmium-free production

  • Certified, homogeneous, regranulate raw materialsCertified, homogeneous, regranulate raw materials

  • In-house production in the Netherlands and PolandIn-house production in the Netherlands and Poland

Berdal - Let's improve together

"Innovation distinguishes the market leader from the follower."