Signing up to the plastic pact

Thirteen European counties and 66 companies have committed to reducing plastic waste over the next five years. The Plastic Pact was officially signed and ratified in Brussels on 6 March. Berdal adopted this initiative back in 2019, and we are the only company in our sector to have committed to the pact. 

200309 P2000135 Bweb Nieuwsbericht Platisc Pact

The signatories have agreed that all the plastic we use on a daily basis needs to be recyclable within five years. The use of plastic made from petroleum must be reduced by at least 20%. The pact also aims to increase the capacity for waste collection, sorting and recycling by at least a quarter, and ensure that manufacturers use a minimum of 30 per cent recycled plastic in new packaging and products. 

The Plastic Pact is in line with our targets, where growth and sustainability go hand-in-hand. It’s no coincidence that our buckets, tubs and containers from the Gripline Durable line are already 100% made from recycled material. Material recycled from plastic household waste. Our commitment to the Plastic Pact gives even greater substance to our continued sustainability policy. Read the article that explains the Plastic Pact ambitions in more detail. 

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200309 P2000135 Bweb Nieuwsbericht Platisc Pact


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