Sales Promotion

Berdal is convinced that collaboration throughout the construction chain is the key to success. For example, we do that by supporting retailers in various areas.

Sharing Knowledge

Your market knowledge and experience linked to our products, services, and solutions. Through our sales promoter, we provide demos, training programmes, and tool boxes for applying the theoretical knowledge of our products in practice. This is how we successfully join forces with others and achieve the best together.

Support with Data Management

Berdal provides its clients with all relevant and current product information via the website. Berdal can also provide various PIM systems (product information management) with current data that can be used by business relationships for use in their ERP systems and webshop applications. Examples of well known PIM systems are EZ-Base, DGE, GS1, IB, and Perfion.



Support with Determining Product Range

We will find the best possible range of products for you together. Berdal supports its business relationships with market knowledge and information, partially through proper data analysis and data collaboration. The information is used to make recommendations for things like the proper product range for the shop and arranging the best possible shelf layouts. Berdal follows the market trends (both nationally and internationally) and translates these into good advice for its business relationships.

Pandser assortment

Joint Development of Sales Campaigns

When you succeed, we succeed. We are eager to advise you on sales campaigns using the wide range of Berdal experience and tools at our disposal, fine-tuned to your specific needs and local adaptations. We do this with the goal of stimulating cross sales and upsales, increasing your turnover and margins, and improving the circulation speed of the products on the shop floor.

Are you curious about the options?

If so, please contact Patrick van der Meulen. He will guide you through all the options that Berdal can use to help you grow further.

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