Why Berdal?

With our incredibly large range of products, the dealers in the DIY and professional construction industry can purchase their materials from one supplier instead of from many different ones. We place continued development, innovation, sustainability, and social involvement high on our list of priorities. One way that we do this is by seeking out vertical collaboration in specialised trade. Together, we can continuously take advantage of the changing market conditions.

  • Reliable, innovative, and service-focused production companyReliable, innovative, and service-focused production company

  • Private-labelling marketing optionsPrivate-labelling marketing options

  • Guaranteed cadmium-free productionGuaranteed cadmium-free production

  • Certified, homogeneous, regranulate raw materialsCertified, homogeneous, regranulate raw materials

  • In-house production in the Netherlands and PolandIn-house production in the Netherlands and Poland

Berdal - Let's forward together

"You will go faster alone but travel further together."