The most sustainable packaging on the market

A saving of 442 kilos of plastic. Equivalent to the weight of no less than 1,100 Gripline-Durable 12L buckets. We have achieved this with our completely new packaging for the Konvox rubble bags. With this packaging, we save 12 grams of plastic per package. This adds up to 240 grams per box packaging, 10 kilos per pallet and even 442 kilos per container.

Vernieuwde Konvox verpakkingen

The same strong rubble bags, now packaged in a more environmentally friendly way

Sustainability is one of our main motivations. With themes such as sustainable entrepreneurship, climate and logistics, we are constantly looking at how we can make improvements for a circular economy.

As a partner, we like to think along with wholesalers and retail chains about how they can offer our products to end users in a more sustainable, successful and profitable way. By using less packaging material, we significantly reduce the amount of plastic on the shelves. This results in less plastic waste for the end user.

Our new packaging is not only environmentally friendly, it also offers huge advantages during transport. The compactness makes them easier to transport. As a result, efficiency and cost savings in the transport process are guaranteed. Will you join us in taking the sustainability steps towards a circular world? Get in touch with us. We are happy to help you!

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Vernieuwde Konvox verpakkingen


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