• Waterproofing membranes and EPDM products for the building envelope
  • To professional standards with a long service life
  • Ease of use for the home handyman
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Watertight home improvement

Premiumfol offers a complete range of waterproofing membranes and EPDM products for the building envelope. Premiumfol’ s range also includes durable foils, tools and accessories. The ease of use makes it easy for home handymen to solve various moisture and wind proofing problems. The articles are developed according to professional standards and have a long service life.

Sales support

Besides materials and tools, we support our dealers with a total concept. We like to think along with wholesalers and retail chains about how they can offer our products to end-users in a more sustainable, successful and profitable way. To this end, we provide various services and sales resources, such as online product environments, demo days and instruction videos for end-users.

Premiumfol series

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Building Film

Premiumfol construction films are ideal for use on construction sites. With PE construction film, you quickly cover materials from moisture and dirt.

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Roof- & Wall Membranes

Moisture proofing keeps the insulation material dry, making it last longer and retain heat better. Warm interior insulation films are also important to insulate and heat homes as sustainably as possible.

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Facade Membrane

Premiumfol facade film is for protecting facades from wind and water. The facade films are suitable for closed facades.

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EPDM is a synthetic rubber with a higher durability than bitumen and DPC. Eco-friendly EPDM is used for waterproofing flat or slightly sloped roofs and as a water barrier at window frames or foundations. This material is also great for recoating zinc gutters. Because you glue EPDM, it is very safe to apply.

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EPDM Lead Replacements

A lead replacement based on environmentally friendly rubber polymers, with an aluminum expanded metal. Developed with the properties of traditional materials and the durability of EPDM. For quick and easy application and wide applicability.

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EPDM Accessories

The Premiumfol range includes various accessories. Such as pressure rollers and wheels, primer, EPDM rainwater drains and city drains with EPDM foil collar.

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Damming Film

The film is made of polyethylene. This makes the product water resistant and vapor tight. Both sides have waffle structure.


We have developed a number of 3D instructional videos especially for home handymen. In these we show step by step how they can solve various air and moisture sealing problems around their home or garage.

Watch our instruction videos

Our brands

Gripline Gripline


We market our construction buckets, tubs, bins, knee pads and rubber products made of sustainable plastic under the Gripline brand.

Pandser Pandser


Pandser is the professional brand for water- and airtight solutions for roof, facade and floor.

Konvox Konvox


Konvox is a specialist in packaging and load securing products for professionals and home handymen.



The FENTO brand develops comfortable, durable and ergonomic knee protectors.