Berdal focuses on circular economy week

It’s Dutch Circular Economy Week. From Monday 1 February to Saturday 6 February, the focus throughout the Netherlands will be on the importance of circularity in business. This week is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. At Berdal, we are happy to devote our attention to this, because the circular economy is close to our hearts and we support our partners in their mission to become circular.

210120 Circulaire Eco Nieuwsbericht


Sustainability is a call for action. For us, that began back in 1995 when we consciously opted to use plastic and plastic waste as the raw material for our Gripline buckets, tubs and containers. 

We have continued this approach throughout the years. For example, we signed up to the Plastic Pact in the Netherlands in 2019, the only company in our sector to have done so. By committing to this partnership between the public and private sector, we aim to use 20% less plastic in 2025 than we did in 2018. 


We reached another recent milestone in 2020 by achieving Cradle to Cradle certification for our roof coverings, waterproofing strips and waterproof EPDM films under the Pandser and Premiumfol brands. 

Berdal is not alone in this mission. Because it’s by working together that we can guarantee a sustainable future. Sustainability and circularity can be introduced throughout the entire chain, and we do that together. Allow us to explain how in this video. Let’s green up together!

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210120 Circulaire Eco Nieuwsbericht


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