The best labelling for your buckets with iml from berdal

Berdal is the only company in Europe to introduce In Mould Labelling (IML). IML is a unique technique that allows construction buckets to be provided with labels, logos and other advertising or marketing messages in an attractive manner. This method does not detract from the quality of the bucket, and also looks extremely slick. How is that possible?

200615 Iml Nieuwsbericht


Actually, the name says it all. ‘In Mould’ means that the label is applied at a high temperature directly to the liquid plastic during the injection moulding process. Because this is completely integrated into the process, the bucket loses absolutely nothing in terms of quality. Just as you have come to expect from Berdal. 


This process offers another major advantage; placing the labels and wraps within the injection moulding process means ugly seams are avoided. The bucket is smooth and has no unsightly edges. With IML, Berdal is able to provide buckets with both full wrap and logo only. 'Full wrap labelling' involves covering the entire outside of the bucket, with any message imaginable. All part of Berdal's investment in continually delivering the highest quality. 

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200615 Iml Nieuwsbericht


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