Watertight home improvement

Premiumfol is a partner, manufacturer and brand owner of waterproofing foils and EPDM products for the construction shell. Premiumfol's product range includes durable lead replacement materials, tools and accessories. Due to the ease of use, home handymen can easily solve various moisture- and wind-sealing problems. The products are developed according to professional standards and have a long service life. 

Online demo days

In addition to materials and tools, we support our partners with a total concept. For this purpose, we provide various services and sales tools, such as online product environments, demo days and instructional videos for end users. Premiumfol is part of the Berdal family and has a purple Member of the Berdal family label.

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Premiumfol assortiment


Especially for home handymen, we have developed a number of 3D instruction videos. In these we show step by step how they can solve various air and moisture sealing problems around their home or garage. From sealing gutters to sealing in skylights. Want to know what steps, materials and tools are needed for a successful project? Watch our instructional videos.