From rubber heads to house of brands

Berdal is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. For this occasion, we are featured in the magazine of Inside Industry, a leading European business-to-business media company. In the article, Commercial Director Eugène van den Broek looks back on the creation of our organisation and talks about our future plans.

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In the early years, Berdal was a traditional retailer. Products were displayed and then it was hoped they would sell. Nowadays, it’s very different, Eugène explains: “Our entire strategy is focused on added value, such as innovation, sustainability and logistics services. We do business with almost all large and leading European chains and focus on offering very specific product combinations in each region and for each market.” Our products are now displayed in their own sophisticated presentation area by the reseller. We ensure that shop personnel have adequate knowledge about the products through sales and presentation training courses. 


Operating in a sustainable way is an important part of Berdal. In the article, Eugène explains how we take our responsibility for a better climate. For example, he talks about a new program we started in 2019: “We worked on a new form of production that allows us to use 10% less material to produce the same strength. We also invested in new packaging so that the use of packaging plastics was reduced to 30%.” 

Currently, we are in the process of bringing our next sustainable step to the market: endless lifecycle products. This means that the material is always recycled. Eugène: “Sustainability is and will always be the future of our company.”

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220307 Nieuwsbericht Afbeelding Inside Industry Article Nl 1200X800


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