Sustainability is about doing!

Since the 1990s, we have been working to make our business operations more sustainable. Based on five themes, we take concrete actions regarding sustainable and socially responsible business. And we continue to innovate. Because sustainability is about doing!  We have listed our themes for you here:

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We believe that a good work-life balance is important. That's why we discourage overworking and promote a healthy lifestyle for our employees. They also all have the same opportunities, rights and obligations. We work with suppliers who share the same values.


All our production waste is fully reused as the basis for new products. Our production processes also use as much recycled raw materials as possible. As a result, many of our products have less environmental impact than others like them. In the meantime, we continue to investigate how we can produce in an increasingly circular manner.


By shortening the supply chain, packaging products more intelligently and reducing the number of packaging steps, we are reducing our carbon emissions. We have decentralised deliveries and we look at the logistic flows with a critical eye. Our employees and management are also switching to hybrid or fully electric vehicles as much as possible.


We deal sustainably with raw materials and energy. Where possible we choose fully recycled materials as raw materials. We continuously look at optimizing packaging and reducing packaging materials.


We believe that cooperation, sustainability and innovation go hand in hand. We have launched several initiatives and seek collaborations related to sustainability. 

Would you like to find out more about our sustainable business practices?

Please visit our CSR page.

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L2200560 Bweb Mvo Onderwerpen Afbeelding Thema Initiatieven


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