Fento Knee Protectors

A brand of knee protectors, FENTO stands for comfort, sustainability and ergonomics. FENTO knee protectors have been developed by physiotherapists and come recommended by medical specialists. Products from FENTO are the result of years of developments and thorough testing. And your back and knees will notice the difference. FENTO is lightweight, flexible, waterproof and comfortable.

The FENTO 100 is a flexible inlayer that fits in the leg of any work trousers. The FENTO 150 external knee protecter includes an ergonomic wedge for comfort under all conditions. The ergonomic fit of the 200 PRO and 400 PRO make them perfect for intensive use.



Thanks to our matching belts, straps, pads and buttons, you can breathe new life into your Fento knee protectors. Keep your knees protected with Berdal’s reliable, high quality for even longer.