Fento Knee Protectors

FENTO is a brand for knee protectors where comfort, durability and ergonomics are paramount. The FENTOknee pads are developed by physiotherapists and are recommended by medical specialists. The FENTO products are the result of years of development and thorough testing.
The principles of FENTO are:

  • Comfort
  • Flexibility
  • Water resistance
  • Light weight

The natural pressure distribution of FENTO provides ease during both walking and kneeling.

FENTO 100/150

The FENTO 100 is an inlay that fits in any work trousers. In addition, this model is flexible, waterproof and breathable. The external knee protector FENTO 150 helps prevent back and knee problems by your weight over divide your knee and lower leg. The ergonomic wedge ensures comfort in all conditions. The FENTO 150 is also suitable to keep on while walking and is so comfortable that you hardly notice it your knees are working.


The 200 PRO and 400 PRO are designed in collaboration with medical specialists. Thus, these are protectors ergonomically very strong and you can feel that in your back and knees. They are very durable, flexible and suitable for intensive use. The band does not pinch in the popliteal cavity and the protectors have a perfect fit. They are recommended by both occupational health and safety physicians. Prevent injuries with FENTO. The best knee protectors for the real professional.


Thanks to our matching belts, straps, pads and buttons, you can breathe new life into your Fento knee protectors. Keep your knees protected with Berdal’s reliable, high quality for even longer.