Fento Knee Protectors

FENTO knee pads are developed in collaboration with physiotherapists, based on practical user experiences. The perfect fit and balanced pressure distribution ensure good work posture and thus prevent knee and back injuries. To emphasize this, FENTO has chosen the tagline: ERGONOMIC KNEE PROTECTORS.

Comfort, durability and ergonomics are paramount in FENTO knee pads. All products are the result of years of development and thorough testing. FENTO is lightweight, flexible and waterproof.

The FENTO POCKET is a flexible pad that fits into the knee pocket of work pants. The FENTO HOME external knee pad has an ergonomic wedge that ensures comfort in all conditions. The ORIGINAL and MAX are perfect for intensive use with their ergonomic fit.


Thanks to our matching belts, straps, pads and buttons, you can breathe new life into your Fento knee protectors. Keep your knees protected with Berdal’s reliable, high quality for even longer.