Pandser EPDM Film

The strips of EPDM film are thin, flexible and user-friendly. The film is also UV resistant and can also be used as an alternative to DPC hydrophobic film. Features self-adhesive acrylic and butyl, so holes or tears in the gutters can be repaired quickly and professionally.


Pandser offers several sizes EPDM strips, in a variety of widths. In terms of thickness, the strips are available in 0.5 mm, 0.75 mm and 1 mm. The strips are furthermore UV-resistant and water-damming, and easy to use as water barrier and windproofing in facade and wall constructions.

Roofing Material

This sustainable EPDM roofi ng material has a standard thickness of 1.2 mm and is Cradle to Cradle-certified, UV- and ozone-resistant and is applied as a waterdamming layer to flat roofs. Pandser EPDM has a very long lifespan and is therefore extremely appropriate! It is available in several standard sizes and rolls.

Selfadhesive Acryl

This Pandser EPDM strip has a convenient selfadhesive acryl layer, ideal for applying an airtight seal between frames and interior cavity walls. Highly elastic, UV- and ozone-stable, this EPDM film has good waterproof and windproof properties. With a long lifespan and high quality

Selfadhesive Butyl

This Pandser EPDM strip has a convenient selfadhesive butyl layer. Resistant to UV-radiation and highly resistant to biological organisms and chemicals. Indispensable when waterproofing gutters.