Premiumfol EPDM Film

Premiumfol EPDM film is highly flexible and as such, very well suited to renovation work as well as to direct applications in new construction. It is perfect for making gutter structures or small gutters along rooftop windows watertight.


At Berdal we offer various sizes of EPDM strips, in many widths. In terms of thickness, they are available in 0.5 mm, 0.75 mm and 1 mm. They are also UV resistant and hydrophobic, and useful as water and wind proofing in façade and wall constructions. 

Roofing Material

This durable roof covering from EPDM is B(roof)t certified, UV and ozone resistant and is used as a hydrophobic layer on flat roofs. Pandser EPDM has a very long lifespan, so it is very environmentally responsible! The product comes in standard sizes and is available on a roll.

Selfadhesive Acryl

This EPDM strip by Premiumfol has a useful, self-adhesive acrylic layer, ideal for leak protection around window frames. Highly elastic, UV and ozone stable, this EDPM film provides good water and wind proofing. It has a long product life and is made with the quality you have come to expect from Berdal.

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Selfadhesive Butyl

This EPDM strip from Premiumfol has a useful self-adhesive butyl layer. It is resistant against UV and IR radiation and well-protected against natural organisms and chemicals. Indispensable for waterproofing gutters.